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The BRIT QUALIS logo can be used by a certified organization on their website, brochures and office stationery to indicate their services meets the requirements of particular standards.
Use of logo or its likeliness as the company for any of the commercial use logo is prohibited.

1. BRIT QUALIS Logo can be used by the certified companies only (not subsidiary or parent or group companies)
2. BRIT QUALIS Logo can be used like as indicated at web site in same colors, shapes, dimensions
3. BRIT QUALIS Logo can be used after the written permission of BRIT QUALIS. It shouldn't be in used that it'll cause a wrong information about the status of certification.
4. A detailed Information about using of accreditation logos can be taken from the accredited bodies.
5. The term of introduction's materials include the notes, labels, documents and written declarations on products, goods as per the certification ( eg: Management system certification / Personal Certification / Product certification ).
6. BRIT QUALIS logo not be used on vehicles.
7. BRIT QUALIS logo not be used on flags or buildings.
8. Companies certified can use BRIT QUALIS Logo for activity/ areas in certification's scope only.
9. Companies will have to stop the use of logo in event of expiring of the certificate, canceling or withdrawing of certification contract.
10. Companies certified are obligated to implement necessities of this instruction as long as the validity of certificate continues.
11. The certificates are suspended or the contracts are canceled when companies don't fulfill the conditions indicated in this instruction.

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