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ISO 14001 Certification

International Organisation for Standardization is the international entity which has a module of the International standards which are quite responsible for the growth of a business entity. ISO 14001 standard is one of them which lays down the system of regulating the Environmental Management System or the EMS of a company. Environmental Management System is a key component for an organisation. ISO 14000 Family is the group of standards which deal in Environmental aspects which help . ISO 14001 is the most notable standard under this family which sets out parameters to establish a better environmental management system for a company.

 What is ISO 14000

ISO 14001 is an globally acclaimed standard belongs to the ISO 14000 family which deals in the Environmental Management System (EMS) of an organisation. It is the most successful standard for environmental management in the World. It emphasizes on the requirements of a better environmental management system irrespective of sizes of Organisations. Today, all the reputable organisations in the world are certified with ISO 14001. The standard basically focuses on improving the Environmental performance with regard to management of environment aspects. ISO 14001 is the only standard in the ISO 14000 family that can be used for certification. This family includes 21 other standards.

 Who needs ISO 14001 Certification

 Basically, ISO 14001 certification is one of the key parameters to achieve professionalism and perfection in the corporate world. So it is recommended for every organisation to be ISO 14001 certified. As Environmental management system standard is irrespective of the size of businesses and Organisations, every large or small company can be certified under ISO 14001. The industries who need this Certification the most are :

     Industrial sector



     Trade sector

Benefits of ISO 14000 Certification

The ISO 14001 Certification is an important standard Certification which helps you grow your market by focusing on Environmental Management. It not only raises the standard if your organisation, but also sets out a mark of corporate professionalism. ISO 14001 Certification cultivates a number of benefits for your organisation. These are as follows 

● Improve your credibility and image

It is an obvious benefit that ISO 14001 certification improve the image and credibility in the market. Nowadays this can be considered as a formal requirement in the businesses. It is undoubtedly a way to assure all the people that you are committed to Environment Management System. It shows you are socially responsible. The standard does enhance your image and make you more credible.

 ● Reduce costs

Today due to economic obligations and some other obvious reasons, all that companies want to reduce costs. It is great to know that environmental management system can help you do that within an effective ambit. By using a system to identify you may control and reduce environmental incidents that usually occur and costs your company through the medium of liability costs, reparations and fines. Your can use ISO 14001 Certification to improve your cost control.

 ● Compliance with legal requirements

Environmental management system set out a system to identify, monitoring and compliance with the number of environmental requirements. ISO 14001 standard provides a framework which aids in maintaining the compliance. Implementing this Standard maintain your clean image and helps your be more compliance with legal requirements.

 ● Higher growth rate

In order to make improvements in the business, you need proper functioning of the structure which runs your business. ISO 14001 Standard is one of the certifications that are highly required. Proper control of costs, being highly compliance with legal requirements and a good reputation and confidence among stakeholders eventually cultivates in a high growth rate of your company.

 ● Reduce employee turnover

As we all know that employee are the pillar of a company and they are involved in a company's involvements. Employee would definitely engage themselves in a company which shows concern for the environment. More engagement of employee results in reduction of employee turnover and intangible growth of the company. Hence, ISO 14001 Certification is requirement.


ISO 14000 family provides the structure for an effective environmental management. As mentioned above, ISO 14001 is the most important standard under this family. It was established to lower the negative impact on the environment. The ISO 14001 certification has a number of benefits on a company. From improving the efficiency to the continual improvement of the organisation ISO 14001 standard plays a key role in the whole process. Today, more than 3,00,000 organisations all around the world are ISO 14001 Certified. Establishing Environment Management System establishes a reputable company, followed by a number of advantages.

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